Butterflies are Coming Soon

This picture was published on our Facebook page showing a Monarch butterfly caterpillar on one of the many milkweed plants we have cultivated in the recreation area.


We hope to see many more as the season progresses. We also hoped to see adult Monarchs flying about the area after they hatch as they need to produce two or three more generations before the last one flies off to Mexico for the winter.

Brush Cleared at MPRA

On Saturday, June 9, students from Kettering performed a community service by removing underbrush from the hillsides above the Flint River near the University Avenue Bridge.


Others worked elsewhere in the recreation area to clean up and beautify the area. We thank everyone for their efforts. The park looks  better for them.

Butterfly Season Is Here

Wildflowers are starting to bloom!

The Mott Park Recreation Area maintains about 15 of our 70 acres as a natural, prairie-style landscape, with a few trees, and tall grasses and wildflowers mixed in together. We would like to exclude invasive and non-native species and include more native Michigan wildflowers to attract butterflies and other pollinators. Please check out our Current and Proposed Programs area for information about what we are doing and how you can help.

Monarch on Milkweed