Fishing Tournament this Weekend


The River Bassin’ Tournament tour is making a stop in Flint this weekend. They will have a captains meeting on Friday evening. Tournament participants will launch their Kayaks at Tenacity Brewing on Grand Traverse (just like the Flotilla) at around 6 AM on Saturday. Lines-in will be at 6:15. If you would like to register for the tournament, please click here.

The fishermen will, I am sure, move down the river to seek out likely spots for Bass. You can observe them from our banks and bridges as they pass the recreation area.

There will be a disc golf tournament taking place in the recreation area that morning, so please be respectful of the golfers.

Disc Golf Tournament Scheduled!

The Flint Town Flyerz Disc Golf Club has laid out a provisional course at the recreation area and has scheduled a club championship event there to test the layout. The tournament will be played on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Registration will begin at 8:30 AM, the players meeting  will be at 9:00 and tee-off will be at 9:15. Their post about the tournament, called the FTF Drive-By, on says,

This is a Flint Town Flyerz members only event. This event is free to club members. You can purchase a membership the morning of the tournament for $20. We will be playing 2 rounds of 18 holes( on a 9 hole temp course.) This will be divisional play. Payouts will be in plastic. We will have multiple CTPs. We will also be giving away an Innova disccatcher sport via random number generator. You can register online by putting your name, pdga#, and division in the comments section.

Given the door prize, an Innova Discatcher Sport, we presume they will be using nine of those as targets for their temporary course during the tournament (or perhaps something similar).


The field will be limited to 60 players and 15 have registered so far (8/13). If you are interested in participating, please contact the Flint Town Flyerz at

Flotilla Tomorrow – Calendar Now Working

Because our on-line calendar was not working (until today) we want to remind you that the Flotilla will be happening TOMORROW, Saturday, August 6. This will be the 3rd Annual Flotilla sponsored by the Flint River Corridor Alliance. For details about how to sign up, where to park and meet, how much it costs to participate, and any other questions, please click here.

Everybody Catching Some Sun, Photo by Tiffany Colby McDonald
Everybody Catching Some Sun, Photo by Tiffany Colby McDonald

Yes, our on-line Calendar of Events is now working. You will find it at the bottom of the right-hand column of each of our pages. Our next event after the Flotilla will be our monthly board meeting next Wednesday morning. Now that the calendar is working, we will start updating it with our scheduled events, such as the finale for the neighborhood porch fest and the annual Turkey Trot.

On-line Fundraising Available for Grounds Maintenance

The Mott Park Recreation Area has set up an account with the on-line fundraising company, Crowdrise, to allow you to make contributions to our grounds maintenance efforts.

Our mowing and park cleanup efforts are staffed by volunteers, so the labor is free. However, we still need funds for fuel for our mowers and our mule, as well as supplies and repairs to the equipment (and our old Toro mower needs a lot of maintenance).

Please help us out with a donation, any amount would be appreciated. Just click here or check our our contributions page on the menu above.


Laying Out a Disk Golf Course

On July 12, two gentlemen from a disk golf group worked on laying out an 18-hole disk golf course at the Mott Park Recreation Area. They are preparing a map and a course plan which will be reviewed by the association board. They have previously said that a course would cost about $500 per hole to install.

disk golf course layout

If you would like to contribute toward the cost of developing a disk golf course at the recreation area, please send your contribution as described on the Contributions Page.

Bats Eat Mosquitoes

A healthy population of night-flying bats may help us control the mosquitoes that can carry potentially deadly diseases. If you know of any group (scouts?) that would like to build or purchase and donate bat houses for the recreation area, please let us know.

bat house

Butterflies are Coming Soon

This picture was published on our Facebook page showing a Monarch butterfly caterpillar on one of the many milkweed plants we have cultivated in the recreation area.


We hope to see many more as the season progresses. We also hoped to see adult Monarchs flying about the area after they hatch as they need to produce two or three more generations before the last one flies off to Mexico for the winter.

Brush Cleared at MPRA

On Saturday, June 9, students from Kettering performed a community service by removing underbrush from the hillsides above the Flint River near the University Avenue Bridge.


Others worked elsewhere in the recreation area to clean up and beautify the area. We thank everyone for their efforts. The park looks  better for them.

Butterfly Season Is Here

Wildflowers are starting to bloom!

The Mott Park Recreation Area maintains about 15 of our 70 acres as a natural, prairie-style landscape, with a few trees, and tall grasses and wildflowers mixed in together. We would like to exclude invasive and non-native species and include more native Michigan wildflowers to attract butterflies and other pollinators. Please check out our Current and Proposed Programs area for information about what we are doing and how you can help.

Monarch on Milkweed