Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The Mott Park Recreation Area is owned by the city of Flint and governed by the city ordinances controlling activities in all city parks. As a former golf course, special restrictions do apply. The association also has the authority to set specific rules, so long as they do not conflict with city ordinances.

By city ordinance, the recreation area is open for public use from 6 AM until 10 PM daily. From time to time we will lock the gates to the parking lot in the evening. If you are inside the parking lot when the gate is locked, you may call the Flint Police Department to unlock the gate to let you out. Please use the non-emergency number and be prepared to wait for them to arrive.

As the old golf course is closed, NO PLAY is allowed at any time. This is consistent with the rules for playing golf in all other city parks, except for operating golf courses. As the city’s only disc golf course, disc golf play is allowed from 6 AM until 10 PM daily. The course is open to the public for free play, unless it has been reserved for a tournament or other private event.

Except for maintenance vehicles, NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES are permitted on recreation area property. Violators of these rules will be reported to the Flint Police for trespassing on city property and may be held liable for any damages to the park property they may have caused. Their vehicles may also be confiscated.

City ordinances do not permit allowing dogs to be off-leash. Dog owners are advised that their dogs must be under their control at all times. If your dog harasses other recreation area users or their pets, you may have a legal complaint filed against you which could result in fines or damages being assessed against you. Pet owners are advised that there are wild animals living in the park and if your pets come in contact with them, they may be exposed to diseases that may be expensive or dangerous to treat. Our wildlife has NOT been vaccinated.

Dog owners are also asked to use the poop-bags that are located at some of the trash containers or bring your own poop-bags to pick up after your pet. Other people using our trails do not want to walk in the mess your pet left behind, and the watershed coalition does not want unnecessary animal waste polluting our river. You can take the bag home with you for disposal, or you may deposit it in one of the waste receptacles placed around the park where it will be collected by our volunteers who will take it home for their trash pickup.

Currently, we have a few picnic tables installed in the recreation area. Park users are welcome to bring food to enjoy while visiting the area, however, you must either deposit your trash in one of our waste receptacles or take it home with you. We have no permanent grills installed. You may bring your own gas grill, but no open burning is allowed in the rec area. Littering is not permitted in the park. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the recreation area, although they could be allowed in the clubhouse, if you rent it for a special event and provide your own liquor license.

Current regulations would also seem to prohibit the discharge of fireworks in the recreation area, unless you have a fireworks license and a permit from or contract with the city. Under Michigan law, carrying of firearms, either openly or concealed with a concealed carry permit, would be permitted; but discharge of a firearm is strictly prohibited.

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