You can support our programs by volunteering your time or contributing money or items to our programs.


The Mott Park Recreation Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Monetary contributions to the Mott Park Recreation Association may be deductible on your Federal and state income tax as allowed by law. See your personal tax adviser or preparer if you have any questions. Note: For the 2021 tax year, Covid-19 regulations allow for a special, one-year $600 charitable donation deduction for cash contributions only.

To make a financial contribution to one of our programs just mail your check to:

Treasurer, Mott Park Recreation Association
1001 DuPont Street
Flint, MI 48504-4822

If you wish your contribution to be used for a specific program, please write the name of the program in the comment area of your check or, to allow the board to use the funds for what is needed most, write “unrestricted.” The program for which we are currently soliciting funds is repair and maintenance of our clubhouse, but you may also direct your money to: maintenance; picnic area; natural areas; beautification, signage and security; trails; fishing; and disc golf course maintenance and improvement. Please make sure we have your address and phone number on your check or in attached correspondence so we can send you a receipt or contact you with any questions.


You can contribute on-line to our MottFest fundraising event by clicking here.

We expect to use our on-line contribution mechanism for our other projects as they are scheduled for development. Please watch this page for announcements about how you might make your contributions to our programs over the Internet.


Our programs are always looking for donations of specific items we could use at the recreation area. Currently, we would accept donations of picnic tables or garden benches. We could always use surplus flowers or flowering shrubs, particularly species native to Michigan, or flower seeds. Please contact the board via our email address,, or on our Facebook page and wait for us to respond before dropping anything off at the recreation area. We may even be able to assist you with the delivery.


From time to time, we may ask for volunteers to work at the area doing cleanups or plantings, or installing fences or equipment, or painting items or painting over graffiti. We also use volunteers to mow our pasture areas and trails and to empty our waste receptacles. If you would like to volunteer your services at the recreation area, watch for our requests and our announcements on our Facebook Page or send us an email at

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