About Our Recreation Area

About the Association

The Mott Park Recreation Association is the successor to the Mott Park Public Golf Course Association. When it became apparent that economic realities would prevent the re-opening of the old Mott Park Golf Course as a public golf course, the association changed its focus to create a vibrant recreation area on the former golf course site. Thus was born the concept of the Mott Park Recreation Area. Please check out our pages to find out about our long-range plan, currently nearing finalization, our current and future projects, our schedule of events, and how to volunteer to help us or contribute toward our goals.

About the Recreation Area

The Mott Park Recreation Area is the old C. S. Mott Park Municipal Golf Course. It was a 9-hole course which ran along both banks of the Flint River between Nolen Drive on the North and Sunset Drive on the South, with Ballenger Highway making up the western boundary. The course was built in the river’s flood plain, and was deemed suitable for recreational use only.┬áThe clubhouse and maintenance barn are built on the northern edge of the property where flooding is very rare.

The northwestern end of the property, where the #2 fairway and green were, is primarily wetlands. At the eastern edge of this area, near the #1 green and #2 tee, are two water hazards which may be spring-fed. This area may be a natural fen or a marsh, modified by putting in drainage ditches to make the course playable. The drainage systems are partially blocked and the area is returning to wetlands. Of our 70 acres,about 15 are wetlands. We leave most of the wetland area un-mowed, and it is returning to a more natural condition.

The river banks are primarily wooded, although certain areas with lower banks are accessible to fishermen, canoes and kayaks. Of our 70 acres, about 10-15 are the river and its banks.

Old fairway #1, from the clubhouse down to the willow tree and the adjacent sledding hill are maintained as lawn areas, as is the area under the oak trees between the clubhouse and the eastern footbridge, #9 fairway and green, and holes # 7 and 8 on the south side of the river bordering Sunset Drive. We also mow the areas next to Nolen Drive. Our lawn areas account for about 35 acres.

Also left un-mowed are old fairways #2, much of which is wetland, and #5, down the center of the north side of the recreation area from the western footbridge almost to the oak trees. Between our wetland and our upland natural areas, and our woods, about half of our 70 acres are maintained in a natural state.

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Phase 2


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