Flint River Flotilla — Saturday, August 3, 2019

That’s right! The Flint River Flotilla is this coming Saturday. Register now, the deadline for early registration is Thursday, August 1. Or you can sign up to be a volunteer. and help direct traffic on the river, help people into the river at Tenacity, help people out of the river at the Mott Park Recreation Area, or help at the party after the Flotilla at the Mott Park Recreation Area, featuring music, food trucks, prizes, and photo ops.

For more information or to register or volunteer, go to the Flotilla Page at the Flint River Coalition site. The event will be held, rain or shine but the start may be delayed for dangerous weather.

Paddler’s Landing Coming Soon!

This Spring, the Mott Park Recreation Area and the Flint River Watershed Coalition participated in a fundraising campaign with Patronicity. Patronicity is a crowdfunding platform which partners with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, a public/private partnership of the State of Michigan with many other public and private entities to encourage economic development in Michigan communities.

The terms of our Patronicity campaign were to raise $50,000 in 50 days to get a $50,000 match from MEDC. And we did it! At the end of the campaign, we had received $56,786 from 596 donors, an average of just under $100/donor. We wish to thank all our donors for their generosity.

The new canoe and kayak landing will be placed just west of the western footbridge, on the South bank of the river, where the Flint River Flotilla has traditionally landed. It will consist of a series of concrete and wooden steps down to the low-water mark of the river. The steps will have metal handrails toward the sides and a wood rail in the middle to allow watercraft to be slid up or down, similar to the illustration below.


At the end of the spring run-off, there will be a groundbreaking ceremony and work will commence. We hope to have enough work completed by August 3, 2019, to use the new landing for the annual Flint River Flotilla.


We will keep you apprised of progress toward the new landing. Watch this space!

Open House, February 19 at Kettering

On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, The Mott Park Recreation Area will hold an Open House at 6 PM in Kettering University’s Campus Center at 1700 University Drive, corner of Chevrolet Ave.


Over the past decade, the Mott Park Recreation Association has assisted the community in realizing a vision for the former municipal golf course. Join us for this open house, hosted by KU, highlighting the many advances as well as future plans for this peaceful, 70-acre, nature-filled, multi use park along the banks of the Flint River.

Light refreshments will be served as we review the Mott Park Disc Golf Course, the Monarch Butterfly Waystation and Natural Areas, The Flint Turkey Trot, our ongoing grounds maintenance and security programs, and our planned Paddlers Landing. Let us know how YOU think we’re doing and what we should plan for the future.


Turkey Trot Very Successful

Despite the chilly weather, hundreds of runners came out to the Mott Park Recreation Area to participate in the 62nd running of the Flint Turkey Trot.

Proceeds from this year’s events went to support the YMCA Summer Camp Program and the Whaley Childrens’ Home.

Photos by Kaitlynn Sullivan of Mlive.

The 62nd Annual Turkey Trot is Coming


On Thursday, November 22, 2018, Thanksgiving Day, the Mott park Recreation Area will host the 62nd Annual Flint Turkey Trot. Races start at 9 AM and will be finished before noon. This is the oldest, consecutively run footrace in Michigan! It attracts up to 500 participants every year, depending a little bit on the weather.  The event features a 1-Mile and 2-Mile race for youngsters and a 3-Mile main event. This year, proceeds go to support the YMCA Summer Camp Program as well as Whaley Children’s Home.

You can register on Bauman’s website on the Events page: https://werunthistown.com/collections/events

Cost: Adult (18+) $15 with shirt & award, 17 & under $5 with shirt & award. If you can’t afford entry, come anyway and race for free. Event Times: 9:00AM for the 13 & Under 1 mile and the 13 & under/15 & under 2-Mile. 9:30AM for the 17 & Under 3-Mile and the 18 & Over 3-Mile. Packet Pickup and registration: 11/20 & 11/21 10:00am-6:00pm at Bauman’s.

All Ages welcome: No bikes, No dogs!


Flint River Flotilla 2018 Was GREAT!

On Saturday, August 4, hundreds of people floated down the beautiful Flint River from Tenacity Brewing on Grand Traverse Street to the west end of the Mott Park Recreation Area. The weather was warm and sunny. They came in canoes, kayaks, rafts, inner tubes, and many other interesting floating contraptions. At the rec area, they were met by food trucks and began the party that followed them back to Tenacity and continued into the evening.

Last year, the flotilla had to be cancelled due to the dredging operations up-stream from the Hamilton Dam. The contractors were removing age-old coal tar contamination from the coal gassification plant that supplied lighting gas to the city in the gaslight era prior to Flint’s electrification. After the noxious chemicals were removed from the river bed and banks, work began on the removal of the dam, which is now GONE!

The cancellation of last year’s flotilla gave the organizers the opportunity to use the funds donated (with consent of the donors) to begin the planning for a permanent, improved canoe and kayak launch at the rec area. Over the winter, plans were completed. During the spring and summer, funds have been raised and permits have been obtained for construction. We expect work to begin shortly on a launch ramp just down-stream from the site we have been using for the flotillas.

Next year, we plan to use the new Mott Park Recreation Area Canoe and Kayak Launch to service the 2019 Flint River Flotilla.

Learn to Play Disc Golf!

MPRA - learn to play

This event is free to all who come to the recreation area. Purchase of the $1 Tourist Passport gives you access to the shuttle service between all the events and locations and free admission to most venues visited. Purchase before July 7 enters you into a drawing for 2 tickets to the Ally Challenge golf tournament at Warwick Hills.

During this event, the disc golf course will be open, but play will be restricted to holes 4-17. Holes 1-3 and 18 will be used for instruction.

We Have A Great Summer Coming Up

Last year was a great year for the Mott Park Recreation Area. We received support through Kettering University for our grounds maintenance efforts, we received grants for the development of a Disc Golf Course and we actually built it and opened it. This year, we are working with the Flint River Watershed Coalition to install a Canoe and Kayak Launch Site on the banks of the Flint River.

The engineering studies for the launch site are complete and the permitting process is underway. We hope construction will begin shortly and the site will be ready for the Flint River Flotilla which is scheduled for Saturday, August 4, 2018.

Over the winter, a forestry firm removed a large cottonwood tree which had fallen across the river between the two footbridges. This spring, the brush and lower tree branches, and a couple dead trees, were cleared around the parking lot and the club house to improve visibility for aesthetic, safety, and security reasons. Our association worked with the city of Flint on these projects.

In a response to last fall’s problems in the parking lot, the city has had new security cameras installed in the club house and the maintenance barn, and will soon have more installed in the parking lot now that the forestry work has been completed. These cameras are part of the Flint Police Department’s C.A.T.T.-EYE program to provide real-time monitoring and a prompt response to security issues at businesses and other locations in our community. The association had C.A.T.T.-EYE signs and a flashing green beacon installed to advise our users, our neighbors, and any potential violators that the system is in place.

In the meantime, our 18-Hole Disc Golf Course has been thriving. Despite cold and snow, it was used by golfers throughout the winter months. Often they brought shovels with them to remove snow from the tee pads. With the end of winter, there were a few times when the river was high and much of the course was under water and some of the target baskets were clogged with flood debris, but the waters receded and the golfers and course workers returned to removed the debris. We did lose our practice target to a collision with a snowmobile, but we expect to have it re-installed soon.

Lately, our problems have been the phenomenal rate of growth of the grass on the course combined with frequent showers which have kept portions of the rec area too wet to mow regularly. Our groundskeepers are working hard to keep up the course and pasture areas and are hoping for slightly dryer weather as summer approaches.

We are monitoring the dam removal projects upstream and are hopeful that the water flows in the river will be sufficient to support canoe and kayak traffic and fishing opportunities.


It’s Been A GREAT Year!

We have had a great year at the Mott Park Recreation Area. We have kept the area up, installed new equipment for new activities and are making plans for the future.

The year started with a donation from Kettering University to support our grounds maintenance efforts. With it, we have maintained our equipment: a large, old, Toro diesel mower, a Toro Workman course truck, a small riding mower and assorted trimming and  cutting equipment. We have purchased diesel fuel and gasoline for the equipment and have kept the mowed areas of the recreation area in pretty good condition. Both the large mower and the truck are in for winter maintenance, and we will likely fully expend the donation when we pay the repair bills.

Shortly after the donation for grounds maintenance, we received a generous donation from The Flint-Town Flyerz disc golf club toward the development of a disc golf course on our property. We received city authorization for the project and got a matching donation for the course from Kettering University. We applied for and received a grant from the Community Foundation to complete funding for the project and, over the summer, we installed concrete tee-pads and galvanized steel targets. The course was completed in September, we inaugurated it with a tournament in October, and in November, we installed course signs marking each hole. We have some more work to accomplish next spring and will be looking for funding to complete and maintain the Mott Park Disc Golf Course.

We also received a donation this Summer toward beautification and security. When the disc golf course opened, we noticed a decrease in the amount of litter left around the recreation area. We attributed this to the increased utilization of the area by our disc golfers and the additional trash containers installed around the course. However, we have had an increase in crime in our parking lot. The city has become concerned about this and we are working with them to increase police patrols around the clubhouse and the parking lot. We have replaced the broken light fixtures around the clubhouse and our maintenance garage and are also looking at increasing the intensity of the parking lot lights. The city is considering replacing the camera and alarm systems in the clubhouse and garage with Internet-connected cameras.

For next year, we plan to install signs and markers around our natural areas and our Monarch Butterfly Waystation to better delineate the areas for our users and our grounds workers. We hope to install solar security lights and security cameras in selected areas around the recreation area. We want to improve our signage to better inform our park users of our facilities. We even hope to provide a porta-potty in our parking lot.

Our BIG project for next year we hope will be the installation of canoe and kayak launch facilities on the south bank of the Flint River, just west of the downriver footbridge near McLaren Hospital. This Paddlers’ Landing project is being sponsored the the Flint River Watershed Coalition which is coordinating planning, permitting, funding, and construction. We have high hopes that this project will bring additional users to our beautiful area to enjoy our park and the river which runs through it.

If you wish to contribute to the maintenance of our area or any of our projects, please go to our contributions page. All donations to the Mott Park Recreation Area are deductible as provided by law on your income taxes.

Turkey Trot Coming Up

The 2017 Turkey Trot, the 61st running of this series of races, will be held at the Mott Park Recreation Area on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23. This continues our tradition of hosting the longest running race series in the state of Michigan.

Late registration will start at 8:00 AM. At 9:00 AM, the 1-mile race for kids 13 and under will start along with the 2-mile race for kids 15 and under. At 9:30, the 3-mile run/walk will start with 8 age categories from 17 and under to over 60.

Registration for those 17 and under is $5.00, $15.00 for adults. If you cannot afford the registration fee, come out and run anyway! The on-line registration site can be found at this link. If you need a paper sign up sheet to turn in at Bauman’s or at the clubhouse on the day of the race, use this link to view and download the PDF file.

Runners are reminded that when the parking lot is full, there is on-street parking on the NORTH side of Nolen Drive and on Weller and Dougherty streets. There is NO PARKING on the SOUTH side of Nolen or behind the curb on the grass.

Disc golfers please note: the disc golf course will be closed to play from dawn on Thanksgiving Day until the last runners are off the course. Thank you for your cooperation. If you show up early, please feel free to run or walk the race.