The Mott Park Recreation Area is the property of the city of Flint and is administered by a volunteer board acting as park adopters. The board, the Mott Park Recreation Association, meets monthly throughout the year, normally, on the second Wednesday of each month. A posting of scheduled meetings is available on calendar on this website and changes to scheduled meetings will be posted to this calendar of events. To access the calendar, check the panel on the right.


If you have questions about the recreation area, suggestions about our programs or operations, or wish to volunteer your services or those of an organization you represent, please contact our board. Written communications may be addressed to the association and mailed to 1001 DuPont Street, Flint Michigan, 48504. We currently do not receive postal service at the clubhouse. E-mail communications may be sent to


The Association maintains a Federal 501(c)(3) charitable organization designation from the IRS, so contributions to the recreation area may be deductible on your state and federal income tax as provided by law. Please check with your tax adviser for more information.

Contributions to the association may be made by check, payable to Mott Park Recreation Area. Please mail them to Mott Park Recreation Area, 1001 DuPont Street, Flint, Michigan 48504. A receipt will be mailed to the return address. Please do not send cash. If you wish to restrict your contribution to one of our programs, please so designate on the check. We will do whatever we can to comply with your wishes or will return your contribution.

We currently have an on-line fundraising campaign running to support our grounds maintenance operations–you can find it on our Contributions page. We expect to have additional fundraising set up on the web soon so you may contribute by credit card to our other operating and planned programs.



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