Paddler’s Landing Coming Soon!

This Spring, the Mott Park Recreation Area and the Flint River Watershed Coalition participated in a fundraising campaign with Patronicity. Patronicity is a crowdfunding platform which partners with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, a public/private partnership of the State of Michigan with many other public and private entities to encourage economic development in Michigan communities.

The terms of our Patronicity campaign were to raise $50,000 in 50 days to get a $50,000 match from MEDC. And we did it! At the end of the campaign, we had received $56,786 from 596 donors, an average of just under $100/donor. We wish to thank all our donors for their generosity.

The new canoe and kayak landing will be placed just west of the western footbridge, on the South bank of the river, where the Flint River Flotilla has traditionally landed. It will consist of a series of concrete and wooden steps down to the low-water mark of the river. The steps will have metal handrails toward the sides and a wood rail in the middle to allow watercraft to be slid up or down, similar to the illustration below.


At the end of the spring run-off, there will be a groundbreaking ceremony and work will commence. We hope to have enough work completed by August 3, 2019, to use the new landing for the annual Flint River Flotilla.


We will keep you apprised of progress toward the new landing. Watch this space!

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