Mott Fest is Upon Us

This Saturday, June 25, 2022 we will celebrate the grand opening of the refurbished clubhouse at 2701 Nolen Drive in Flint. The clubhouse has water and power, thanks to the city of Flint; a new roof, new furnaces and air conditioners, thanks to grants from Communities First and the CFGF, and new paint and plumbing, thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers.

Festivities will begin at 3:00 PM and run until 8:00 PM. We will have food trucks set up in the parking lot, a bounce house and other activities for the children, a local vendor area with booths to purchase their wares, a beer tent (we will be checking EVERYONE’S ID), and live entertainment on the deck. Beer tickets can only be purchased in the clubhouse. The clubhouse will also be open for tours, the restrooms are working, and you can buy a membership in the Recreation area for a donation of $20 or more. Members will receive a Mott Park Recreation Area bumper sticker which entitles you to free parking in our parking lot any time it is open (wink, wink).

Speaking of the parking lot, because the food trucks will be there Saturday, the parking lot and the parking circle in front of the clubhouse will be closed for parking from Friday night until after the festivities. Play on the disc golf course will be restricted to holes 4 through 16 on Saturday. Parking is available on the grass (Saturday only) along the south side of Nolen Drive. As always the north side of Nolen and one side of Weller and Dougherty are also available for parking.

We always welcome donations. If you wish to support the Mott Park Recreation Area, please check out our Contributions Page where you can find the address to send us a check or the link to donate on-line. The Mott Park Recreation Association is a 501-c-3 corporation and, as always, contributions are deductible on your state and local income taxes, check with your tax preparer. You must donate before January 1, 2023 to claim your contribution on your 2022 taxes.

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