Beautification, Signage, and Security


We have planted some flowers around the clubhouse and neighborhood volunteers are tending small garden spots at the corner of Sunset and Ballenger, at the corner of Nolen and University, on Nolen at the end of Marquette, and at the overlook on Nolen a bit west of Marquette.

We would like to do more to beautify our recreation area. If you know of anyone who would like to donate flowers, annual or especially perennial, or ornamental or flowering shrubs or trees. please let us know via our contributions page. We are particularly interested in native plants. If you would like to volunteer to tend any of our garden spots, please let us know that, too.


We have added signage to our area, both major name signs at our entrances, and some directional and informational. We would like to supplement those with additional directional and interpretive signs throughout our park.


The Mott park Recreation Area has been and continues to be a safe place to come and recreate. It is enjoyed by many people daily who come to play disc golf, run, walk, fish, look at birds or butterflies, ride bikes, look at flowers, spot wildlife, or just walk across the area between the Glendale Hills neighborhood and the Mott Park neighborhood or children who use it to access the playground area or tennis and skating courts at the adjacent Mott Park.

The association would like to improve security in the recreation area. Last year, with funds from a beautification grant, we planted flowers around the clubhouse and repaired the fence along the parking lot and driveway deter illegal motor vehicle traffic. We have plans to install solar security lights at various places around the rec area, including near the two footbridges to make the area safer near dusk. The city of Flint has had surveillance cameras installed at the club house and the maintenance barn to aid in the prosecution of crimes against people or property that occur in the Mott Park Recreation Area. Additional cameras will be installed in the parking lot now that forestry work has been completed to remove brush and low tree branches. These cameras are part of the Flint Police Department’s C.A.T.T.-EYE project of live surveillance at businesses and other locations in the Flint. The association has installed C.A.T.T.-EYE signs and a flashing green beacon to notify rec area users, neighbors and any potential violators of the surveillance.

To make a contribution to our beautification, signage, or security programs, please go to our Contributions page.

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