Designated Fishing Area

One of the activities suggested for the recreation area at our community workshop was fishing. Of course, fishermen are free to use our riverbanks any time, and they do so regularly. Now that Glenwood Cemetery graveyard had cleaned up and paved the walking trail into the cemetery on the south side of Sunset, just west of the river, there is better parking for the fishermen who want to fish at the Sunset Avenue Bridge. To fish other places, they would have to park on Nolen or on the side streets off Sunset.


We have considered installing a paved or gravel parking area somewhere in the are to provide more access. We are also considering a fishing pier. However this will have to be a medium or long term project because of the engineering considerations because the Flint River has a wide range of water levels and tends to flood the park in the spring on a regular basis. Engineering and construction costs would require significant grant funding to bring this project to realization.

If you would like to contribute to the development and maintenance of a designated fishing area on the Flint River at the Mott Park Recreation Area, please visit our Contributions page.

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