Further Trail Development

Currently the Flint River Trail, a paved bike and walking trail, runs the length of the recreation area along Sunset from Nolen to Ballenger. We also maintain the Turkey Trot Trail, not only for use at the Turkey Trot, but also for the use of runners and strollers throughout the year.

However, in our medium and long range planning, we are considering creating a branch off from the Flint River Trail to lead across the bridges and through the middle of the recreation area. This would be a moderately expensive project, whether we paved the new trail or just surfaced it with crushed stone. If the new trail passed through our wetlands, we might have to erect elevated walkways to avoid damage to the plants and wildlife. We could even add a viewing platform in the neighborhood of the larger pond (the water hazard near the old #1 green). Below are some pictures of the Wolf Creek Trail in Oscoda County Michigan to give you some ideas of what could be done if we were able to obtain funding for this project.

To donate to support further trail improvements and trail maintenance, please go to our Contributions page.

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