The Mott Park Recreation Area has been and will continue to be a safe place to recreate along the banks of the Flint River. We are committed to working with the city of Flint, Flint Parks and Recreation, the Flint Police Department, and our local neighboring businesses, institutions and residents to keep the area safe from crime and vandalism.

With the opening of our new disc golf course, we have seen a dramatic increase in people using the recreation area. In general, this has made the area safer due to the additional eyes on activities here. However, during lower usage times; either at dusk, after dark, or during periods of colder weather, we have had a problem with break-ins to vehicles parked in our parking lot. This used to be a problem when the old golf course was open, too.

We hope to address the problem with new security measures, including video surveillance and more frequent patrols, but our initial response will be to close the parking lot gates until spring to encourage disc golfers and other users to park at the club house turn-around or on the street where their vehicles are more visible. Parking is available on the northside of Nolen Drive, except between Weller and Dougherty. Parking is also available on Weller and on Dougherty. Be sure to obey the signs. There is no parking on the grass at the recreation area at any time.

Our ability to provide security improvements is limited by the funding we have available. The city of Flint Parks Department is looking for funds to to help us out, but because they are strapped for funding they only have one part-time employee for the whole park system. If you can help us our with knowledge,equipment, or funding, please let us know at

To contribute to funding for security improvements, please see our contributions page.

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