The Turkey Trot Course

This is the announcement for the 2017 Turkey Trot, the 61st Annual Race held at Mott Park.

Registration for the race is $5 for kids (17 and under) and $15 for adults. Follow this link to register on-line. Use this link to get a PDF registration form that you can print off, fill out, and turn in at Bauman’s or at the clubhouse on the day of the race, If you cannot afford the registration fee, come anyway and run for free.

The Turkey Trot is a cross-country foot race which has been held at Mott Park for 61 years as of 2017. After the golf course closed we continued the tradition. Because the area is no longer maintained in playable condition, we have been mowing a circuit around the recreation area for the past several years specifically for use during the annual Turkey Trot, which takes place on Thanksgiving Day. The Turkey Trot people mow this circuit using a small riding mower which we store for them in our maintenance barn because it allows them to mow lower than our large Toro mower for a better running surface. We use our Toro mower to cut a wide swath along the edges of the Turkey Trot circuit just in case the track might be too narrow at congested points on the course. Between us, we keep the course mowed throughout the year because it provides a better surface for the runners than if we just mowed it for a few days or weeks prior to the race. It also provides our park walkers and runners with a course they can use throughout the year.

The Turkey Trot at Mott Park is the oldest, consecutively run footrace in Michigan. It annually attracts about 400-500 participants for the one-mile and two-mile events for youngsters and the main event, a three-mile run/walk through the recreation area. Proceeds go to support the YMCA summer camp program, and the theater programs at St. Pius X Catholic School, one of our local schools. For a late-November outdoor event in Michigan, participation can vary depending on the weather, but the race will go on; sun, wind, rain or snow.

2015 Turkey Trot Start

Last year, 2016, was the 60th anniversary Turkey Trot at Mott Park. This year’s race will, of course, be held on November 23, 2017. Happy Thanksgiving!

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