It’s Been A GREAT Year!

We have had a great year at the Mott Park Recreation Area. We have kept the area up, installed new equipment for new activities and are making plans for the future.

The year started with a donation from Kettering University to support our grounds maintenance efforts. With it, we have maintained our equipment: a large, old, Toro diesel mower, a Toro Workman course truck, a small riding mower and assorted trimming and  cutting equipment. We have purchased diesel fuel and gasoline for the equipment and have kept the mowed areas of the recreation area in pretty good condition. Both the large mower and the truck are in for winter maintenance, and we will likely fully expend the donation when we pay the repair bills.

Shortly after the donation for grounds maintenance, we received a generous donation from The Flint-Town Flyerz disc golf club toward the development of a disc golf course on our property. We received city authorization for the project and got a matching donation for the course from Kettering University. We applied for and received a grant from the Community Foundation to complete funding for the project and, over the summer, we installed concrete tee-pads and galvanized steel targets. The course was completed in September, we inaugurated it with a tournament in October, and in November, we installed course signs marking each hole. We have some more work to accomplish next spring and will be looking for funding to complete and maintain the Mott Park Disc Golf Course.

We also received a donation this Summer toward beautification and security. When the disc golf course opened, we noticed a decrease in the amount of litter left around the recreation area. We attributed this to the increased utilization of the area by our disc golfers and the additional trash containers installed around the course. However, we have had an increase in crime in our parking lot. The city has become concerned about this and we are working with them to increase police patrols around the clubhouse and the parking lot. We have replaced the broken light fixtures around the clubhouse and our maintenance garage and are also looking at increasing the intensity of the parking lot lights. The city is considering replacing the camera and alarm systems in the clubhouse and garage with Internet-connected cameras.

For next year, we plan to install signs and markers around our natural areas and our Monarch Butterfly Waystation to better delineate the areas for our users and our grounds workers. We hope to install solar security lights and security cameras in selected areas around the recreation area. We want to improve our signage to better inform our park users of our facilities. We even hope to provide a porta-potty in our parking lot.

Our BIG project for next year we hope will be the installation of canoe and kayak launch facilities on the south bank of the Flint River, just west of the downriver footbridge near McLaren Hospital. This Paddlers’ Landing project is being sponsored the the Flint River Watershed Coalition which is coordinating planning, permitting, funding, and construction. We have high hopes that this project will bring additional users to our beautiful area to enjoy our park and the river which runs through it.

If you wish to contribute to the maintenance of our area or any of our projects, please go to our contributions page. All donations to the Mott Park Recreation Area are deductible as provided by law on your income taxes.

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